For more info, contact our Birthdays Department at 832-509-4371.

A non-refundable $150 deposit is required at time of booking. Reservations must be paid in full 1 week prior to party.

Birthday FAQs

What is included with a birthday party package?2024-03-05T19:21:19-06:00

We offer 3 packages to fit every budget! Our Birthday Party Packages range from our value friendly Classic Package to our Ultimate VIP Package. ALL Packages include admission for (9) Guests, (2) Pizzas, and (9) Water Bottles. Detailed information for each package is included HERE!


What happens if my party size is less than or more than 9 guests?2024-03-05T19:42:40-06:00

All Birthday Party Packages include (9) General Admission Tickets. This includes the birthday child and anyone (adults included) who is entering the park. All guests ages 3 and older are required to have a ticket to enter the park. Additional tickets can be added to any package at the “per guest” price at any time. If additional tickets need to be added to the package during the party, the coordinator will be happy to assist.

If there are less than (9) guests in the party, there is no reduction in price or discounting for less guests. Any unused tickets can be redeemed until the end of the season!

Do parents and party guests still need to pay if they are not using any of the attractions?2024-03-05T19:40:45-06:00

Big Rivers is a participatory park and therefore, all guests require a ticket to enter the park. Even if guests are not participating in any attractions, they still require a ticket. Discounted tickets are provided to additional guests when added to the party package. If you do not wish to add additional adults to your package, please inform your party guests to purchase tickets at the ticketing window at regular price.

Who will distribute the party tickets to my guests?2024-03-05T19:33:13-06:00

For all Birthday Party Packages, the Birthday Party Parent will be provided with all of the tickets for the Party.

We do offer a WILL CALL ADD-ON for Birthday Parties who would like to avoid the stress of distributing tickets to party guests. This WILL CALL option is $25; a Birthday Party Coordinator will provide ticket pick up for party guests between 11:00AM – 6:30PM. Any additional tickets remaining at the end of the day will be provided back to the Birthday Party Parent. The Birthday Party Parent will need to provide a guest list the day before the party to ensure the correct guests are receiving the correct amount of tickets. We do not provide refunds for any remaining birthday party tickets. Summer Tickets can be utilized until the end of the season.

Can I bring a cake or cupcakes for the party?2024-03-05T19:41:23-06:00

Absolutely! Guests who purchase a Birthday Party Package are able to bring in a cake/cupcakes or a heat durable dessert (cookies/brownies). The park is not responsible for preserving the cake and refrigeration is unavailable. We highly recommend a heat durable option as the cake will be outdoors on the birthday party table. WE DO NOT ALLOW ANY OTHER OUTSIDE FOOD, BEVERAGE OR COOLERS INSIDE THE PARK.

Don’t forgot your birthday candles and lighter! Please leave large knives and sharp cake slicers at home. Plastic servers and spatulas are allowed.

Am I allowed to bring my own food and drinks into the park?2024-03-05T19:41:42-06:00

NO outside food, beverage, or snacks/candy are allowed inside the park. If providing goodie bags for guests, the bags must not contain food, snacks or candy. All Birthday Party Packages include (2) Large Pizzas and (9) Water Bottles. Additional items such pizzas, water bottles, souvenir cups, tender & fries platters, nacho platters and fruit platters can be added to some packages!

Guests can bring breastmilk, baby formula and specific infant food; but glass containers and glass bottles are not allowed.

What is the cancellation policy?2024-03-05T19:42:02-06:00

If there is a scheduling conflict, we are more than happy to reschedule your Birthday Party for any time during the season! The $150 deposit is non-refundable (no exceptions). If you need to cancel your reservation, the non-refundable deposit will be forfeited OR the deposit can be used to purchase tickets or season passes. Our Classic Birthday Party Package requires payment in full and tickets are provided at the time of purchase. Therefore, the Classic Birthday Party Package in it’s entirety is non-refundable.

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