Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2024-05-14T11:11:38-05:00
When does Big Rivers Waterpark open?2024-03-08T10:15:54-06:00

Big Rivers Waterpark is opening on April 6, 2024, for the Waterpark Season! We will be open on weekends only, until May 25th. Please click  HERE to see our operating calendar for dates/times

What does my daily ticket to the waterpark include?2024-03-08T10:36:39-06:00

A daily ticket to Big Rivers Waterpark includes all water attractions, Wild Isle Inflatable Waterpark, Gator Gulch Alligator Viewing, Mystic Maze, Big Al’s Petting Zoo, Axe Throwing, Archery and The Fairgrounds, and more! (rides)

  •   Waterpark
  •   Fairgrounds
  •   Wild Isle
  •   Dry Attractions
What does a season pass include?2024-03-08T11:08:38-06:00

Week Day Season Pass Valid Monday through Thursday, this pass includes access to our Waterpark, Fairgrounds, Wild Isle, and Dry attractions like fishing and the petting zoo.
Please note, while access to fishing and the petting zoo is included, there are additional costs for bait and petting zoo feed.

Regular Season Pass This pass offers the same benefits as the “Week Day Season Pass” but allows entry any day we’re open during the summer. It covers Waterpark, Fairgrounds, Wild Isle, and Dry attractions like fishing and the petting zoo.

Xtreme Season Pass Including everything in the Regular Season Pass, the Extreme Season Pass also grants access to Aerial Attractions. Please remember to register for time slots for aerial activities like zip lining and rock walls when you arrive on-site.

All Season Passholders also receive:

👬 Special Buddy Days During the Summer
🏷️ 20% off Aerial Attractions
🏷️ 20% off Races at Speedsportz Racing Park
🏷️ 10% off on Food & Non-Alcoholic Beverages
🏷️ 10% off on merchandise in the gift shops
🏷️ Free or Discounted Admission to Select Special Events
Can I pay with cash?2023-05-13T11:37:45-05:00

We are pleased to inform you that we now accept cash at all of our point of sale locations within the park, as well as cashless payments (credit, debit, or mobile). Guests also have the option to load cash onto a wristband for convenient transactions throughout the park. Any remaining cash on the wristband can be refunded upon request at Guest Relations.

Who needs an admission ticket or season pass?2023-04-02T15:03:30-05:00

Guests who are 3 years old or older will need an admission ticket or season pass to enter the park.  Guests aged 2 and under are free!

Does Big Rivers Waterpark have a newsletter?2023-04-02T15:03:30-05:00

Yes we do!  You can register for our newsletter below.  Don’t worry, we keep your information to ourselves.

How much is parking?2023-09-16T14:22:57-05:00

General Parking is FREE at Big Rivers Waterpark. VIP Parking is available for $20 per vehicle. There is no Re-Entry for VIP Parking. Any returning vehicles will have to pay again.

What if I forgot or lost my Season Pass wristband?2023-06-11T17:00:31-05:00

All Season Passholders are required to present their wristband to enter Big Rivers Waterpark. Lost or forgotten wristbands need to be replaced at Guest Relations for $5. Temporary wristbands can be requested for $1 each. The previous wristband will be deactivated.

What is The Fairgrounds?2024-03-08T11:16:32-06:00

The Fairgrounds consists of 8 amusement park rides featuring a variety of attractions, from kiddie rides to thrill rides. The Fairgrounds is included in park admission with 2024 Day Ticket and 2024 Season Pass.

Can I bring my own food and drinks into the park?2023-04-02T15:03:34-05:00

No outside food or beverage is allowed inside the park. Big Rivers has a wide selection of places to eat with food items such as BBQ, hamburgers, fries, pizza, hot dogs, fruit, chicken, ice cream, and soft drinks.

Guests can bring breastmilk, baby formula and food for infants; glass containers and glass bottles are not allowed.

“With dietary restrictions, if your restrictions do not allow you to consume food from inside the park, you are able to bring in a meal in a soft-sided personal lunch box per person. No larger than 12 x 12 x 12. Coolers are not allowed into the park. The food items do have to be single serve. Please stop by guest relations to receive approval and a sticker prior to entering the park.”

Do you offer refunds?2023-04-02T15:03:34-05:00

No, all sales are final. Please check local weather prior to planning your visit.

If I exit the park, can I re-enter?2023-04-02T15:03:35-05:00

Guests who leave the park and plan to return the same day must get their hand stamped before they leave the park at the gate.

Can I upgrade my Daily Ticket to a Season Pass?2023-04-02T15:03:35-05:00

Absolutely! Please visit our Guest Relations desk to upgrade your ticket. This transaction must be made on the day of your visit before leaving the Park. Proof of purchase must be presented when making the upgrade. We will take the amount paid for the daily ticket, subtract it from the price of the Season Pass and charge the difference.

Are lifejackets provided?2024-05-04T13:22:35-05:00

Complimentary life jackets are available throughout the park for FREE and recommended for inexperienced swimmers. Puddle Jumper floating devices, other United States Coast Guard (USCG) approved life jackets, and transparent tubes are allowed. However, inflatable pool toys, floaties, and water wings are not allowed. This policy ensures the safety of all visitors while enjoying the park’s amenities.

Do I still have to pay if I’m not getting in the water?2023-04-02T15:03:36-05:00

Big Rivers is a participatory park and therefore, we do not offer a discount for those who choose not to swim. We have a variety of activities for guests to participate in that do not involve water.

My favorite ride is closed, can I get a refund?2023-04-02T15:03:37-05:00

At Big Rivers Waterpark, safety is our top priority. Environmental, mechanical or weather circumstances would be the main reasons for a ride closure. We will resume the attractions as safety and quickly as possible. Refunds are not available for ride closures.

Do you have vegetarian food options available?2023-06-11T17:22:19-05:00

At Big Reds BBQ: baked potato, garden salad, mac n cheese, potato salad, and fruit bowl.

At Armadillo Grill: French Fries

Pizza Spot: cheese pizza

Funnel Factory: Funnel Cake

Can I let someone else use my Season pass?2023-04-02T15:03:38-05:00

Season Passes are assigned to specific individuals and cannot be transferred/shared. If abused, the Season Pass will be confiscated and not refunded.

How much are lockers?2023-06-04T16:28:49-05:00

Standard – $10

Large – $15

Jumbo – $20

What is the inclement weather policy?2023-04-02T15:03:38-05:00

Big Rivers Waterpark remains open during periods of rain. Slides and attractions may close temporarily during severe weather conditions. Once conditions have improved, slides and attractions will reopen. Rain checks will be available upon request to guests exiting the park if ALL attractions have been closed for at least 2 hours. Guest must provide a same-day ticket stub at Guest Relations in order to obtain a rain check. No rain checks are issued for season pass holders. Big Rivers makes every effort to reopen the rides as quickly and safely as possible after the adverse weather conditions cease.

Rain checks will not be provided if the park closes within 1 hour of our published closing time. CASH REFUNDS WILL NOT BE GIVEN. Once attractions reopen following a temporary closure due to weather, rain checks will no longer be offered.

Are there height requirements for any of the rides?2023-04-02T15:04:13-05:00

Most of our attractions have a height and weight requirement to participate. Water Attraction requirements can be found HERE. Aerial Attraction requirements can be found HERE. The requirements are also posted on signs at the entrance of each ride.

Do you offer a military discount?2023-06-11T15:32:45-05:00

A discount of $3 off regular price of a general admission ticket is available to active duty and veterans. This discount can only be applied when purchasing tickets at the gate and requires a valid military ID. Each person is eligible to purchase a maximum of 4 discounted tickets.

Are animals allowed inside the park?2023-04-02T15:04:13-05:00

Only ADA approved support animals are allowed with current shot records. Emotional Support animals are not recognized by the ADA. Additional information regarding services animals is located under Park Rules & Policies.

Is smoking permitted in the park?2023-04-02T15:04:14-05:00

Smoking, including the use of vapor/e-cigarettes is only allowed in designated smoking areas located on the park map HERE. All other areas in the park are smoke-free and smoking is strictly prohibited.

Where is the lost and found?2023-04-02T15:04:14-05:00

All lost and found items are taken to Guest Relations, located near the front entrance of the park. If you’ve lost an item at one of our attractions, we may be unable to retrieve it immediately. All items found in our ride areas are taken to our Guest Relations at the end of the day. Items may be discarded after one (1) week.

*Big Rivers Waterpark is not responsible for any lost, stolen or broken items.

What security procedures are implemented at Big Rivers Waterpark?2023-04-02T15:04:14-05:00

All bags, purses, backpacks, waist packs, etc. will be searched prior to entering the park. Sharp objects, firearms, or other items that could be considered a weapon are strictly prohibited and should be left at home or secured in your vehicle.

We use a variety of methods in securing our parks including uniformed officers and video surveillance monitoring.

Big Rivers does not tolerate guests who fight and/or harass other guests while on our property. People who engage this behavior are subject to being ejected and potentially banned from the park and may be subject to arrest by local police.

What do we do if our party gets separated?2023-04-02T15:04:15-05:00

A meeting place and time should be arranged in case your party becomes separated. We are unable to page for separated party members throughout the park.

Children should be instructed in advance to contact the nearest Big Rivers Team Member for assistance. Notify Big Rivers staff immediately when a young child becomes separated.

Do you have changing facilities?2023-04-02T15:04:15-05:00

Changing areas are located at each restroom facility. Please be sure to bring swim diapers for infants. Regular diapers are not permitted in any pool or attraction. Swim diapers are available at the gift shops.

Please visit our Park Rules & Policies page for more information.

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