The Birthday Party Coordinator will answer any questions and assist with booking your birthday party. The Birthday Party Coordinator will also assist with taking deposit payments and provide a call a week prior to the birthday party to review party details. During that call, final payments will be made and any additional tickets, food, beverages and attractions can be added to the package. If any changes are needed after that final call, you are more than welcome to reach out to the coordinators by phone or email for additional assistance.

On the day of the Birthday Party, the coordinator will set up the birthday areas with party table cloths and check in the birthday party parent by providing all tickets/wristbands. Birthday Party check-in is the final time to include any additional food/drink options. During the designated lunch time, the coordinator will bring out all food/beverages purchased within the package. During the end of the day, the coordinator will clean up the birthday area and can provide a rolling cart for birthday gifts/supplies.

The Birthday Party Coordinators are shared between multiple birthday parties and they are not be able to take guests around the park to participate in the multiple attractions.