Aerial Attractions

Falcons Flight (OPEN)
Hawk’s Glide (OPEN)
Eagle Challenge (OPEN)
Raccoon Run (OPEN)
Cougar Climb (OPEN)
Vultures Dive (CLOSED)

Dry Attractions

Bullseye Archery (OPEN)
Blazing Axes (OPEN)
Big Rock Mining (OPEN)
Mystic Forest Maze (OPEN)
Big Al’s Farm (OPEN)
Big Al’s Fishing Hole (OPEN)
Tortoise Feeding (OPEN)
Gator Handling (OPEN)
Gator Interaction (OPEN)
Animal Encounter Package (OPEN)

Dates and times are subject to change. For example, severe weather may force us to limit hours or even close the park for a day. Be sure to check our news and weather updates before your next visit.