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Press Release

Big Rivers Fairgrounds

is Coming to Big Rivers!

The Fairgrounds will include 11 amusement park rides featuring a variety of attractions,  from kiddie rides to thrill rides, which will be installed over the next several weeks. The anticipated launch of the Fairgrounds will be December 2021.  A 2022 Season Pass is the best way to not miss the launch of Fairgrounds, plus you’ll get all of the great activities that Big Rivers has to offer, including the waterpark, and Gator Bayou dry activities, and tons of in-park discounts.

Some highlights of The Fairgrounds include:

  • Rolling Thunder – a spinning rollercoaster.
  • SPINdletop – a pendulum that swings riders a full 360 degrees.
  • Lafitte’s Fury – a rocking pirate ship.
  • Screaming Eagles – a family attraction where the rider controls the flight path.
  • And 7 more rides, from kiddie to thrill rides.

Get your 2022 Season Pass at 2021 Pricing!

Pricing Increase on January 1

Big Rivers season passes include the Waterpark, reopening in May, Gator Bayou, and the all new

Fairgrounds open March through December!  Get yours today for only $69.99 per person!

2022 Season Passes