2018 Prices

All parking is FREE for 2018!

Big Rivers Waterpark Daily Passes

General Admission (weekday) $34.99 $29.99
General Admission (weekends and holidays) $39.99 $29.99
Junior Admission (guests 48" and under) $29.99
Senior Admission (guests 62 and older) $29.99
Children 2 and Under Free

Big Rivers Waterpark Annual Passes

Everyone (single pass) - LIMITED TIME ONLY! $89.99 $59.95
Everyone (purchase of 4 or more) - LIMITED TIME ONLY! $74.99 $59.95

Big Rivers Waterpark Amenities

Tubes are always free, everywhere Free
Life vests are always free, everywhere Free









Luxury Cabana

Mon - Thurs

Fri - Sun & Holidays




Gator Bayou - Individual Tickets

  • During Big Rivers Waterpark operating hours, individual activities are available for waterpark guests only.
  • Activated annual passes receive a 20% discount on the purchase of any individual ticket.

Single Family Fun Activity (single ticket)


Eagle Challenge (all day)


Raccoon Run (all day)


Hawk's Glide (all day)


Falcon Flight (all day)


Vultures Dive (single ride)


Cougar Climb (single ride)


Wild Isle - Free with an active Big Rivers waterpark daily or annual pass


Gator Gulch (single ticket) - Free with purchase of any ticket bundle, a daily waterpark pass, or an activated annual pass


Big Al’s Fishing Hole (single ticket) - Free with purchase of any ticket bundle, a daily waterpark pass, or an activated annual pass. Bait is $2.00.


Gator Bayou - Ticket Bundles

Gator Fun Pack - six tickets to any of the Family Fun activities $24.99
Big Day Bundle - for one day, all-day access to all of the Family Fun activities plus all-day access to the Raccoon Run ropes course (per person) $29.99
Extreme Thrill Combo - pack includes Eagle Challenge, Raccoon Run, Hawk's Glide, Falcon Flight, Cougar Climb, and Vulture's Dive (per person) $49.99

Frequently Asked Questions

Purchases & Payment

All purchases of tickets and passes are final and non-refundable. American Express, Master Card, and Visa are accepted with a valid picture ID for purchases throughout Big Rivers Waterpark and Gator Bayou.

Food & Beverages

Food and beverages are available throughout the park. Big Rivers Waterpark does not allow food or beverages (other than water) to be brought in from outside the park. However, guests may bring personal foods into the park, to the extent that they are medically necessary (e.g., for diabetics, baby formula for infants, gluten-free foods, or allergy-safe foods for allergies). Please make Guest Services aware of your need to do this prior to entering the park. For the safety of our guests, no glass containers are allowed and coolers will need to be checked for contents.

Ice Chest & Picnic Baskets

Big Rivers Waterpark does not allow food or beverages to be brought into the park, and storage facilities are not available. You are allowed to bring in a soft sided cooler filled with bottled water. If you bring picnic items to the park, you will need to leave them in your vehicle. Feel free to picnic at your vehicle. Please no outdoor cooking or alcohol.

First Aid/Health Services

First aid is located in the main building, adjacent to the bathrooms. First aid stations are located in the main building, adjacent to the bathrooms, and near the entrance to Gator Bayou.

Lost Children

We cannot page lost or separated parties. Be sure to have a specific meeting place for your group. We recommend looking for your party, should they become separated from your group, in the First Aid center in the entry building.

Unaccompanied Children

Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Small children must be within arm’s reach of an adult at all times.

Line Jumping

Line jumping and other inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and is grounds for removal from the park without a refund.

Lost and Found

For lost items visit Guest Services at the front gate.

Ride Access

For safety reasons, guests with certain disabilities may not be permitted to some rides. Check with Guest Services for specific ride information.

Valid Picture ID

Please bring a valid ID if you would like to purchase alcohol or use your credit card.


Big Rivers Waterpark and Gator Bayou Adventure park are smoke-free environments.

Dress Code

We ask that our guests dress appropriately for our family theme park environment. Proper swimwear is required for all water park attractions. Denim and swimwear with zippers, buckles, or rivets are not permitted on water park attractions. Clothing with offensive material will not be permitted inside the park. Please refrain from displaying undergarments or wearing low-riding garments. Clothing or accessories that contain or display anything that can be construed as gang colors or a gang emblem are not permitted.

Life Jackets

Complimentary life jackets are located throughout the park and are recommended for inexperienced swimmers. Children 8 years and under must be accompanied by an adult while in the water. Life jackets must be worn by all guests visiting Wild Isle. Loose shirts are not allowed to be worn on body slides, however rash guards are permitted.

Rain & Thunderstorms

Big Rivers Waterpark and Gator Bayou remain open during periods of rain. However, operations will be temporarily suspended if there are electrical storms or other severe weather conditions in the area. Attractions will re-open as soon as conditions permit. Rain Policy: During heavy RAIN or STORMS some and/or all rides and/or slides may be shut down temporarily for your safety. Absolutely no refunds or rainchecks will be issued.


As much as we would like to accommodate guests with food allergies, we are not the food manufacturers/suppliers (we get all food and beverage product from third parties), and as such, we regret to inform you that THE PARK CANNOT, AND DOES NOT, MAKE ANY REPRESENTATIONS OR GUARANTEES WHATSOEVER REGARDING THE ALLERGY-FREE CONTENTS OF ANY FOODS OR BEVERAGES. At a minimum, guests with allergy concerns should avoid any foods or beverages unless they are packaged, and you are 100% confident in the manufacturer/supplier which has provided the Park with such food or beverage. Foods that are in any way unpackaged, prepared, or handled by the Park (as opposed to packaged goods, provided to you in a sealed package), have a higher risk of contamination with other products containing allergens, so in the interests of your safety, we strongly urge you to avoid all such unpackaged products provided by the Park.